About Us

You have a great idea, but can't find an CTO? Maybe you already started hacking along, but don't have a good feeling about your current tech base or architecture?

Sure, you might approach one of the big incubators and ask them to help, but that basically means you're giving away a big deal of your equity, if not your business.

Rockstar Solutions is able to help you here. With our Lean Incubator approach, we keep the financial overhead - and therefore your risk - to a minimum, giving you just what you need.

What we provide

Proven toolset

Most of nowadays internet startups have similar requirements: You need a cool, SEOed landing page, a performant, scalable backend and an nice App that runs on all platforms.

And you want to manage your (potentially distributed) team in a way that it performs well and without losing the fun of working on your project.

We don't say that we have the ultimate universal solution of course, because there isn't, but we promise to find one that suits you and your team best.

Network of experts

Don't get us wrong - we like working in teams. But why should you hire more people than you need? Just book experts from our network to give you advice or talk about your plans, challenges and concerns.

Lean Incubator

So here it is, the Lean Incubator, what does it mean? As you might have guessed, we try to keep our costs to a minimum, just like the Lean Startup approach, in fact, we are a lean startup ourselves. That means we have no permanent physical office. We work whereever we are, the internet is such a beautiful thing, right?

So except for the first few days, where we do intensive workshops with you and get to know each other, most of our meetings will be done online, using Skype, Teamviewer and other tools. Depending on your needs that can be adjusted, but might have an impact on your costs.

Fast in, fast out

With our toolset and experience, we can help you create a prototype or MVP fast. Depending on what you need, we'll setup your development environment and help you with selecting a team or work on your business plan. Heard about SCRUM and KANBAN, but don't know what it is, if it's edible or not? No worries, we'll do a workshop with your team.

Once everything is set up, we will leave you alone. This should not take longer than 1-3 months.

But don't worry, if you have questions later on, we'll be there for you.

What we take

Pay little now, pay little bit more later

We know: You're a startup, you don't have money to waste. If your idea is good enough for us, we'll work hard to help you become successful.

In contrast to the big incubators we don't have an angel team (yet) that provides you with funding, so we have to asks you for some remuneration to cover our costs. How much that is, depends on your idea and how much equity you are willing to share with us.

If you win, we wan to win. But we don't want to take your business away (remember, we like startups). Depending on our input and the amount of money you were able to pay to cover our monthly costs, we'll ask for some equity. It shouldn't be bigger than a low to medium size one-digit number.

Why we do it

We get asked that often: Why should we go through all that stress of setting up a new company and take the risks, when it would be so much easier to just work for one of the big players and have a steady income?

Because working with young, energetic teams is so much more fun than going to the same boring office space. And because the chance of succeeding is worth far more than the risks. That said, our experience helps of course minimizing the risks - nobody can live on fun alone, right?

Want to have a quick chat?

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